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Employee Referral Programs: 9 Characteristics of a Highly Successful ERP

A highly successful Employee Referral Program (ERP) is a dream for recruiters and HR executives alike. A well-oiled ERP machine helps take some of the burden of talent acquisition off the shoulders of recruiters, helps you find some of the

The Accolo Employee Referral Campaign Guide

We’ve created this complimentary guide to help you design and execute employee referral campaigns for your company, leveraging the reach of social networks. From this guide you get: A design strategy for your next great employee referral campaign Examples of

Social Networks Like LinkedIn Positioned to Replace Job Boards as Primary Source of New Hires

“The growth of applicants from LinkedIn alone has increased by over 466% over the last quarter.”

Webinar: Social Network Recruiting… The Next Generation of Employee Referrals

Learn the facts and figures behind employee referral programs and social networks. Discover how you can improve your recruiting by adding social networks to the mix.